Friday, April 5, 2013

NaPoWriMo: Day 5

So, I'm doing this thing called a Little Visitor Swap through the crafting website I use. Basically, you get a partner from somewhere else in the world, and you swap "Little Visitors" (I sent my partner a little plushy pineapple man, she sent me a wide-eyed Clydesdale). You take your LV on adventures in your hometown (and wherever you go while they're with you) and take photos like they're a tourist and make a scrapbook and collect little souvenirs, and send it all back to their owner at the end of the swap.

You can read about my LV's adventures HERE.

My LV (Clyde) arrived yesterday, so I decided to write today's poem about him. Freestyle!


Clyde is a horse who travels the world
Meeting lots of new boys and girls

He came from Florida to visit me
And see all the sites that he could see

We'll go to the beach and Mount Trashmore
And visit Paris and Iceland and more!

He'll accompany me to work at the library too,
If you come see me, he'll also meet you!

We'll go to Busch Gardens and meet his kin,
And in September he'll go back home again!

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